concilio coffee mugs

Concilio is a social comment and effort in regards to bringing individuals together within cafe spaces without the use of
social media. Working with a local pottery studio in Chicago, I handmade all eight coffee mugs through slip casting using porcelain slip.

What is Concilio? 

Concilio isn't just about connectiong people, it's about reminding them. Concilio is meant to bring us back into real space and remind us of our positions within the social realm. Our consumption of digital social media is causing severe problems within the ways that we interact with each other. Concilio doesn't try to force the user to do anything, it simply shakes a bit of sense into those of us who live our lives online. It makes us remember that there are countless other stories in the room and endless potential connections to be made. Concilio is the reminder that THIS IS REAL.

For additional information regarding this project check out the PDF of my portfolio under 'resume,etc